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Looking for the right mixture of vacation and adventure, the successful symbiosis between technology and nature ? Then you are right with us!
We offer touristic services from worldwide Yachting to personal guided tours throughout Switzerland and Europe.
Get yourself the knowledge in cruising a yacht, learn to orient with a GPS or even the skills to survive in nature.

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Doing so, of course we are committed to ecotourism as far as possible.


Always wanted to know why a specific grape grows so excellent on this type of sole ? Get the information and much more knowledge on one of our scientific excursions! Learn the facts with us and enjoy the landscape in the most typical accomodations and hotels. Of course, the local chief cook is waiting for you...
Any geological problem ? Request a report from our scientists.

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You are familiar with boats and other equipement used in the outdoor world, but you can't find the specific spare part ?
Need advice in new technologies
Or you even want to buy a boat - not a standard yacht - but one with some specific skills ?
Looking for advanced IT - support ?
Ask us, we will solve your specific problem for sure.

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Recent Newssample

We provide adapted services to the personal needs of every customer.

Furthermore you can inform you on recent projects and topics by phone

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About Us


Marc Wenger

sampleDr. phil. nat., Mineralogist
head of the company                

CV     Nautical background


Visit our partners                           engineering geology and environmental questions at its best.                    the earthscience lab in Switzerland.                        concrete technology and spoil management.       try the extraordinary taste of english wine.                           looking for organisational development ?


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...this beginning motion, this first time when a sail truly filled and the boat took life and knifed across the lake under perfect control, this was so beautiful it stopped my breath...
Gary Paulson - Caught by the Sea


We provide adapted services to the personal needs of every customer. Check the following topics and ask for a specific offer!


  • Yachting worldwide
  • Yachtmaster lectures at sea
  • Skippertrainings
  • Guided tours in Switzerland
  • Outdoor trainings

Need more? We also offer a variety of helpful resources as well as more custom services for your specific needs.
Contact us!


  • Scientific excursions
  • Culture and science on site
  • Scientific researches
  • Background lectures
  • Scientific reports


  • Yacht service and consulting
  • Import of technical instruments
  • Evaluation of new technologies
  • IT - support
  • Hard- and software solutions

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Contact Us

Our Info:

Wenger Services
Sonnmattstrasse 17
CH - 3084 Wabern

+41 (0)79 415 38 45

IBAN CH22 0851 8044 8344 6514 5

UID CHE-315.894.911



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